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Welcome to! explores preeminent stallions, distinguished mares and world class breeders.  With the bulk of our content targeting the breeding of Thoroughbred racehorses, we also offer articles of international interest regarding breeders and their breeding stock from other breeds ranging from Arabians to draft horses.

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25 September 2021  On the Fence No More
an introduction by publisher/editor Greg Freeman;

25 September 2021  The Legacy of Simeon Sadik:  An Interview with Australia's Marion Richmond
:  a Q&A with Marion Richmond, world-renowned breeder of straight Egyptian Arabian horses, regarding the global impact of her homebred stallion Simeon Sadik; 

25 September 2021  The Adventures of Nigel Goodall:  A Broken Glass, A Broken Promise
:  an excerpt of Greg Freeman's short story regarding a jet set young man and his estranged father and how a common love for horses brings them together just before tragedy strikes;

25 September 2021 Faces of Yesterday:  A Century-old Photograph Raises More Questions than It Answers
:  a piece originally appearing in The Belgian Review (2017) exploring an old photograph from the 1917 meeting of the American Association of Importers and Breeders of Belgian Draft Horses (now known as the Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America);

25 September 2021  Bloodstock Agents 101
:  a look back at a high school assignment given Greg Freeman and how its resulting presentation is apt today for seasoned horsemen and novices alike;

25 September 2021  In Memoriam:  B. Wayne Hughes and Charlie Watts
:  tributes to two successful men who achieved fame in their respective fields but also made lasting contributions with their horses.

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Greg Freeman - Official YouTube Channel
     My name is Greg Freeman, and I am pleased to announce the launch of Sires and Dams, the latest digital resource from Greg Freeman Media. For over thirty years, I have owned Belgian draft horses, including a champion stallion, and I have closely followed other breeds. Along the way, I have observed many changes taking place in the world of horse breeding....READ MORE
(Arabians, Straight Egyptian)

     Countless horse breeders have enjoyed success stories of their own, but few can rival the consistency and exemplary accomplishments of Australia's Simeon Stud. For decades, Marion Richmond has bred world class Arabian horses of the finest Egyptian bloodlines, and her horses are sought after the world over. Simeon-bred stock has been acquired by astute breeders from the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Belgium, Czech Republic, South Africa and more!...READ MORE
An Excerpt from Greg Freeman's Short Story,
The Adventures of Nigel Goodall
A Broken Glass, A Broken Promise

(Thoroughbreds, Short Story)

     The old mantel clock chimed thrice, disrupting Martin's contemplation. Slumped with forearms resting on the desk, he clasped his prized Mont Blanc pen with one hand and cradled a wine glass with the other. Staring at a photograph of his late father posing trackside with one of his winners, Martin lamented aloud, "Dad, I failed to live up to your expectations when you were living, and it appears that I have failed to live up to mine since you've been gone."
     From his father, Martin had inherited a small but lucrative Thoroughbred horse breeding farm....READ MORE

     The year 1917 had been a most eventful one by the time members of the American Association of Importers and Breeders of Belgian Draft Horses assembled on December 6 at Chicago's LaSalle Hotel to celebrate the organization's thirtieth anniversary....READ MORE
     When I was in high school, some of my fellow classmates were avid readers of sports or fashion magazines, but I eagerly looked forward to the arrival of The Blood Horse, Hoof Beats and the Draft Horse Journal in my mailbox. I absorbed the content of the articles, studied the photographs of great horses, memorized pedigrees and spoke of trainers, jockeys, drivers, breeders and owners with such familiarity that my family probably thought I was teetering on the edge of insanity. I did not excel in English class, which is interesting since I have been published in academic publications alongside tenured professors, but at that time I was simply not a good student. When I transferred from a traditional English class to Applied Communications, I fared much better.
     My teacher, Mrs. Mary Barnwell, a sweet but no-nonsense lady whose legs required braces due to her having polio as a child, gave us students an assignment one day. We were instructed to write about the career we wished to pursue and give an oral presentation. Some of my classmates were determined to become professional athletes. Some wanted to be teachers. Some planned to become attorneys or doctors. I decided to do some research and write about becoming a bloodstock agent....READ MORE
, 2021
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     In addition to being a life-long horse lover, Greg Freeman is an author, editor, recording artist, songwriter and amateur visual artist, as well as an avid gardener and daffodil hybridist, judge and exhibitor.      
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